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We Provide Safety at All Levels

Star Security tailors security services to multiple industries and areas, thus offering a wide range of security products.

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Welcome to Star Security

Star Security

Star Security offers customized security solutions tailored to your needs.

Star Security is a Norwegian-registered company that implements security measures aimed at private individuals, companies, shops, shopping centers, industrial areas, and the public sector. With several years of experience, we guarantee that safety is our highest priority. We offer package solutions for you who always appreciate the little extra. The call center is operated around the clock, and we respond quickly and efficiently.


Star Security welcomes you to our online store. We offer user-friendly products that help you have a safer everyday life.


We Use High-Tech Solutions

This is how we coordinate and streamline communication among our experienced security guards. We consider this an important part of our goal of always providing security services of optimal quality.

We Stand for Security

We are responsible for the security of individuals and companies from A to Z.

Center Guard
We Stand For
  • Focus on the customer
  • Prevention
  • Value creation
  • Image building
  • Quality, skill, and reliability
Private Security

We offer living area security and alarm/emergency services for you and your neighborhood. Contact us for the installation of camera surveillance and other security equipment. We respond quickly to alarms and increase security for you and your neighborhood by our presence.

Security personnel

We offer a range of services for companies. These include access control, event security, order security, mobile security, center security, stationary security, as well as alarm and emergency services.

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Star Security

Solutions That Suits You

We offer flexible security services aimed at a wide range of industries and areas of interest.

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