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Security Services

Star Security tailors security services to multiple industries and areas of activity.

Access Control Security
Access Control

Star Security has electronic access control solutions that keep track of who visits and leaves the building.

Event Security
Event Security

There is a lot to consider during the planning and implementation of events. Star Security can offer services such as planning, logistics, and documented risk assessments.

Mobile Security
Residencial Area Security

We secure houses and valuables against several adverse events. Our presence will increase the security of you and your neighborhood.

Security Guard at event
Security Guard

Star Security provides security services for all types of events and ensures safe implementation at all levels.

Mobile Security
Mobile Security

With mobile security, we prevent unwanted incidents and provide security around the clock.

Center Guard
Center Guard

Our center guards are well trained in providing maximum security and safety for owners, employees, and the public in shopping centers and hotels.

Stationary Guard

Security guards from Star Security serve all service functions for your company and, at the same time, contribute to security and well-being for employees and the public.

Camera surveillance2
Alarm and Emergency

A quick response is one of our core values. We respond quickly to all types of alarms and assist our customers with security and professionalism.

Camera surveillance white

Camera Surveillance

Our camera solutions represent the next generation of video surveillance. They record 1080p HD videos around the clock, indoors and outdoors.


We make sure you are safe at all times.

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Camera Surveillance

Tailor-made solutions adapted for individuals and companies

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We maximize the customer’s return by offering optimal and budget-saving use of security solutions.

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